City conversations on a feminist internet with women’s and sexual rights activists

During 2017, APC engaged in intense advocacy work to bring the Feminist Principles of the Internet (FPIs) to women’s rights and sexual rights activists, as well as internet rights activists, around the world, to promote their uptake and adaptation to local realities. The main channel to develop this was through the convening of five city conversations in different countries that reached 112 activists.

The first of the city conversations took place in January in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, organised in partnership with One World Platform and the feminist online media initiative Zenskaposla, with 15 participants. The second was in East London, South Africa in February, with 28 participants, organised in partnership with Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre and Women’sNet. The third city conversation took place in April in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 38 participants, held in partnership with the Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos. The fourth, held in March in Mexico City, in partnership with Luchadoras and Sandia Digital, brought together 27 participants. The fifth and last, a city conversation in Harare, Zimbabwe in July 2017 in partnership with Her Zimbabwe and the Coalition of African Lesbians, brought together 14 activists.

In addition, the FPIs platform was updated in 2017 to further increase outreach and engagement, through the addition of new content as well as re-organising and animating the platform.

To watch out for: Stay tuned for a Feminist Principles of the Internet engagement kit containing visuals, audio, banners and social media products to be developed and used by several organisations and media, and a re-designed FPIs platform.

Image: Screenshot of the video “Tenemos derecho a navegar seguras en internet” of the city conversation in Mexico.

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