Mapping research in gender and digital technology

Between January and November 2017, APC carried out a mapping study of the research in gender and digital technology taking place in or concerning middle and low-income countries in the last decade (2006-2017). The study focused on information and communications technologies and the internet in particular. but broadly encompassing digital technology and its impact on gender.

The “Mapping research in gender and digital technology” study mapped the trends, issues and changing contexts that emerged through a literature review, as well as the key issues, challenges, gaps, priorities and emerging areas, while providing a brief overview of the key actors and initiatives contributing to the work in different regions and subregions. It also addressed the value of research networks in this field, what would contribute to their success or impact, and the key challenges they face. Another of the objectives was for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), which supported the mapping study, to examine its funding initiatives and programming.

The final output of this project was a publication that maps research and knowledge production in the field of gender and digital technology. In addition, produced a special edition on the subject, launched in September 2017, titled “We cannot be what we cannot see”, taken from Kerieva McCormick’s moving exploration of how young Roma women and girls deal with, understand and talk about violence and harassment faced by Roma people, online and offline.

To watch out for: Keep an eye out for the publication of the executive summary of the mapping research in gender and digital technology study to come out in 2018.

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